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Mountain Flora is committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety and legality for all our consumer cannabis goods. We prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our customers by adhering to strict safety guidelines and complying with legal regulations. Rest assured, each product in our online shop has undergone rigorous third-party testing to guarantee its quality and purity. With Mountain Flora, you can confidently embark on your wellness journey, knowing that we prioritize your safety above all else. Shop now and experience the exceptional quality of our cannabis products.


Rob Reed

I wandered into this quaint little shop while looking for a gift for my wife. The lady who helped me was so nice and knowledgeable. The flower I bought there is very high quality. Some of the best I’ve run across in a while. Quality products paired with great customer service, you can’t go wrong.

Kevin Layton

Mountain Flora is just awesome in every way!! They have a great selection of products from edibles to flower. They also have quite a few other holistic products. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tried so far. I also really appreciate that they have huge variety of vegan gummies and chocolates!! 😛 The staff is highly knowledgeable and always super friendly. They’re just a great local dispensary and I’m happy they’re here in Sylva 🙂

Casper Ferns

I love this place so much. Staff is a bunch of sweeties and their THCA flower is superb, I get at least an eighth a week. Highly recommend it and their edibles (CBD and D8!). They also have local glass and holistic mushroom supplements for a great price. Highlight of running my errands for sure. Luv you guys!!

Andrew Phillips

Awesome and Unexpected Dispensary in Sylva, NC! My son recently started his freshman year at WCU so I had to look for a dispensary that I could visit while I’m visiting him…and I didn’t have to look far! Mountain Flora Dispensary in Downtown Sylva has a knowledgable and well trained staff to assist all of you Cannabis needs. They are up to date with the latest in Legal Psychoactive Cannabanoids, including THCa – my favorite and the one I use for live, legal, psychedelic cannabis sessions. They are in-touch with their local community and pointed out some other cool spots to check out around town. If you are in the Sylva area and looking to relax with some nice herbs, visit Mountain Flora Dispensary and help support a local small business!

Jimmy Earley

I’m from Georgia but I was passing through on a little side adventure with my family and I tried their CBD roller. the roller was made in house and has double the CBD Content of other name brand rollers. Anyways the scent is very minty/camphor and it has a excellent cooling effect when applied I’ve been using it twice a day since I’ve had it and being a blue collar worker and recently became a father between swinging hammers all day or being cramped up in tight places to weld and bending over to pick up a teething 5 month old a million times a day or on my hands and knees to pick up toys my body has developed some aches and pain and nothing has helped up until this point and I am likely going to make a monthly trip to get more

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